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"Express Delivery" Services for Ministry of Education documents through Empost
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  Empost's door-to-door Domestic Express Courier is a cost-effective and reliable express delivery service. Empost utilizes its overall strength through its own domestic network managed through a dedicated line-haul management solution. This meets the express delivery needs of customers with the highest quality standards, backed by a comprehensive Track and Trace facility.

Customers can send documents and packages anywhere in the UAE. Where we offer a variety choices of services such as:

  • Priority Service "Bullet Service"
  • Local Delivery "Within City Limits"
  • Remote Area Express Delivery
  • Prepaid Services
  • EziMail Service
  • Government Services
  • Secure Delivery Services

Domestic Courier is ideal for sending:
Applications, Airline Tickets, Annual Reports, Art Work (hardcopy), Brochures, Business Cards, Blue Prints, Blank Forms, Books, Booklets, Cheques (account payee only), Charts, Company Stationary (papers, news letters, reports etc), Correspondence, Drafts, Greeting Cards, Legal Documents, Manuscripts, Mylar Maps, Magazines, Promotional Literature, Periodicals, Price Lists, Pamphlets, Photographs, Proposals, Resumes, Specification Sheets, Tender Bids, Travelers Cheques (used), Visa Applications, etc.

* Please note that being government owned corporation all our legal correspondence is in Arabic Language, For assistance please contact us
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